Monday, April 4, 2011

WednesDate ♥

Me me me so excited. Me so excited... Partyin' Partyin' Yeah! Fun, fun, fun, fun..... This is gonna be so fly, like Peter Pan on G6 off to the sky.

I'm excited for Rebecca Black's Good Charlotte's mall tour this Wednesday. I swear I'll kill myself if I wouldn't be able to see and rock with them. It'll only last for once-in-a-lifetime-blissful 30 fucking minutes of my life. But before I (we) go there, pesto and fruit smoothies first! Crepes for dessert and chips to munch with as time will fly faster than we'll know it. I'm having this craving for all of these yummies already. All of my savings will go to food again, and all of those food will go to my big, flabby tummy. But it's alright, as I will get to spend that rocking night with someone who can forever rock my tiny, itsy bitsy, dramatic world.

After this, back to saving money, though I don't really know where I can get money during the summer break. Next event, beach with my bitches girlies. Coming soon, night out with my sluts loveys. Any more events you want me to join you? Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me...

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