Thursday, April 7, 2011

Live In Manila!

So yeah, these are the only pictures we got from Good Charlotte's mall tour in Glorietta (It's in the Philippines, just so you know). I'm not a fangirl of their band, so no fangirling mode here. I like some most of their songs. I'm also hands down for their guitar solo's, especially in the song Like It's Her Birthday. According to their Official Website, the concert will only last for 30 minutes, but hell yeah, it lasted for more than an hour. Honestly, I don't go much to concerts 'coz I don't like the feeling of mingling with the crowd, also the feeling of spending too much money for myself to enjoy such things. I don't even scream, nor raise my hands. On second thought, maybe I will, if there's this undeniably strong peer crowd pressure. But the outside crowd is too boring, they don't even sing nor raise their hands, unlike the other people I've been with to other concerts. And it didn't help in raising the rock spirit of the concert.

From all the songs they played, I only knew seven: Like It's Her Birthday, Girls & Boys, I Don't Wanna Be In Love, I Just Wanna Live, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Hold On, and Sex on the Radio. FYI, I just know those seven songs, not really memorize the lyrics ('coz I'm poor with memorizing lyrics), except for Like It's Her Birthday and Hold On 'coz these two are my personal favorites. Knowing little about them and their songs, still, I enjoyed it. I'll probably regard it as the best or second best from all the concerts I have been to. I just wished after that I had a picture taken with them. Now, I envy Pacquiao more than ever. He's got a picture with them while I don't.

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