Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life-Changing Friday

This is an interview of Rebecca Black as she analyzed her "debut song" Friday. Watch the video to know the true hidden meanings of the song. She looks so serious in the interview, it makes you wanna believe her. Doh. Still needs to do more to change the people's belief about her song. Personally, I still think Friday is stupid even after her explanation. C'mon, it feels like she's only making things up. Ha ha ha.

I'm surprised, too. Friday is not just like any breezy pop song? Well, I think I'd choose Bieber over you. I'm shocked to death knowing that the song came from a really deep and painful place. Is this sarcasm?

Anyway, consumerism, according to RB, is indicated in the line "Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal." It is not I gotta have my bowl, it is I GOTTA HAVE my bowl. And same goes for her cereals. She's teaching us how to use word stresses. Without these two, we're left off as hungry bitches.

Also, American foreign policy is in the line "Kickin' in the front seat, sittin' in the back seat" meaning she needs to make a choice between the two seats, representing Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, how did that happen? For a couple of short lines, you got Afghanistan and Iraq in your song already? The lines didn't even have any useful adjectives to resemble the two countries.

Lastly, economic stability in the line "Everybody's looking forward to the weekend," weekend, according to her, is a metaphor for financial stability. I don't see anything about the broken promises in the current generation and society in that line. As for the metaphor, does she mean that the weekend is so much related to partying that you need to have money for these parties? Well, not everyone sees it that way.

Oh, yeah! One more thing. It's not "Partyin' Partyin' Yeah!" It's "Partyin'... Partyin'... Ye...ah?" See the difference? So yeah, does she have to spell it out for us? Learn to read between the lines. Friday's such a nice song, it can even change our lives, as well as our point of views in life. Not. So much for mocking. Gotta have my bowl of cereals now. Teeheehee. Ciao~

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