Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Say whatever you want to say. Call me names if that's what your mind tells you to. Bully me to your heart's content. But I'm enjoying things I do just as much as you enjoy whatever it is you like to do. What you'll be reading is something that you may be first time knowing about Ren. That is if you don't know me well. Blah blah blah.

Moe moe kyun~ - sorry, but I don't really know what it means. I just heard it somewhere. Feel free to use it if you desire to.

So, I just "finished" reading a manga, well, at least up to its updated chapter. Call me an otaku, I don't really care, I'll even take it as a compliment, even it literally stands for "loser". Anyway, the manga is titled Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama which means "President is a Maid!" (The otaku type of maid, that is.) The manga is still ongoing, what I meant by "finished reading it" is that I finished reading up to the latest chapter that is available online. I do not plan to give a review of the manga, but I am only here to express my heart's desire.

Since I have this burning desire for the male lead character, Usui Takumi, my friend told me to blog about it, since I'm always bugging him with my non-stop messages of "Kinikilig ako". And eventually, I really ended up in doing so. As much as I don't want to tolerate my otaku side anymore, but the pleasure of reading this thing as a waste of time, rather a past time - as a friend will tell me to, is really overwhelming. I must say, I cannot express how highly "motivated" I am to be reading this shit involving Usui. As much as I despise imagining myself as a fan-girl of the fast disseminating _-Pop epidemic, I couldn't resist from being a fan-girl of this manga, rather, of Usui.

You may now kill me as I will be revealing my greatest fantasies, as you may not be able to take everything as part of reality. I know he is only a fictional character, but he is just admirable all over. I am not judging this from how he looks (as anime characters mostly look like everyone of their kind), but I am saying this from how I see him through his character and actions. Keeping his cool at all times, being persistent with the "demon" girl he likes, sacrificing everything he has for his happiness, fighting for what he desires and feels right for himself and his love one, etc etc. I know things like those are to good to be a part of reality as we view reality in a shallow point of view. Long ago, I often thought of "I wish to meet the Usui of my life." But the truth is, everyone can be like how I view Usui, everyone of us may have or will have to experience such things as we live life as grown-ups. Being responsible of your actions is part of growing up anyway.

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