Friday, April 1, 2011


Since I am vain, I wanted to know how popular my first name is. So I googled it. And I came across a website which gives these details about my first name. This is all thanks to At first, I thought it was PokeMonName. Then I asked myself, "Renellie's a Pokemon name?!" Teehee. I guess I'm too blinded by my vanity.

Renellie is the 58,022nd most popular name in the USA. The popularity level of my first name, Renellie, is 1.42 people per million. I think it's lower than average. As of April 01, 2011 03:03 PM (GMT +8), there are 444 people named Renellie in the United States and the number is averagely increasing by 4 people every year. Quite an updated statistics I must say. Though I can't say it's all that reliable.

The sum of the alphabetical order of RENELLIE is 80, which makes it arithmetic buddies with words Undefiled, Congenial, Gullible, Diligent, Eminent, Pious, Bouncy, Eccentric, Funny, Helpful and Relieved. It's funny that I think these words somehow describe me, though I don't know what undefiled means. It's also the first time I came across with the term "arithmetic buddies". Who would want to use that term in our daily conversations anyway? Now this is what I call self-discovery. Teehee.

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