Saturday, April 16, 2011

To Be Uploaded!

Since I feel like getting the artist in me back into action (lol whut?), I'll be photoshop-ing a header image and a signature image for my dear lovey dovey readers. Two nights ago, I already thought of my online signature, and I am just waiting for the weekend to make it digital. However, I got no idea for the header yet.

Honestly, I'm kinda excited to get a touch of my mouse ('coz I use my desktop computer for photoshop-ing) and to get a sight of my PS interface. You may not see it, but can you imagine my face being excited for new-look updates for my online diary? Well, I can't. Ha ha. 'Coz it's just a poker face and all that.

Anyway, something just crossed my mind. Quite some time ago, I posted a blog, titled SOON, and it's almost the end of the world and I haven't posted that thing I was talking about. Anyway, hope I can get to it soon, real soon.

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