Friday, February 25, 2011

Ooopps... I Was Caught Having Sex

Yesterday, I was caught having sex, at a friend's condo unit, with a random stranger I picked from Malate. Yes, I know, it was humiliating, but what can I do? It has already happened. *dies*

Biro lang po. Kahapon, naabutan lamang po ako ng kapatid ng kaibigan ko na natutulog sa condo unit ng ate niya. Nagising ako ng 3pm at narealize kong malapit na akong mahuli para sa mass. Pagbangon ko, nakita kong may tao na pala akong kasama sa kwarto. At dahil malabo ang aking mga mata, matagal kong nakilala ang nasabing tao. Kapatid pala iyon ng classmate ko, at may dala-dala siyang gamit ng ate niya. Nakakailang man, ngunit wala kaming pansinan sa mga minutong magkasama kami sa unit. Ginawa niya ang mga dapat inyang gawin, samantalang nahihiya naman akong tumayo at gumalaw-galaw nang hindi man lang siya pinapansin. Maya-maya, may tumawag sa cellphone niya,sabay sabi niyang "Okay." Eventually, lumabas na siya ng unit at ini-lock ang pinto, at saka pa lang ako nakapaghanda ng aking sarili para sa misa.

Bottomline is, ang weird ng feeling na may kasama ka na hindi man lang kayo nagbabatian, lalo na't hindi ka niya kilala. Pero nahiya talaga ako sa mga pagkakataong iyon.


Print screen preview of my blogger stats.

Just now, I viewed my "Stats" page here on blogger, and I came to knew that I created this blog account since May of 2010 but only started using it December of the previous year. K, I need to do some tracking with my web accounts. I'm wasting too much online space with my unused accounts. :(

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

RENvironment Photography: Under the Green

Under you is where I feel relieved.

Pwned Pedo

A taste of my current desktop background.

Got it from a friend, his new photoshop artwork. Though this will look much better with a Windows7 OS, poor me with Vista only. Hands down ako sa galing mo 'pre. It's like pedobear peaking behind your monitor (poor kiddo), then boom! You just got pwned, pedobear! I wish I could do something like this too. :">

rdaonm siht

You keep shooting at the bull's eye, but it's just so damn hard. You keep reaching for the stars, but it's just plain too impossible. You try to end never-ending stories, knowing there is no escape. You cut, you bleed and you hurt, you suffer from the pain you made yourself. You do something silly, only making yourself look like a fool. You read, you thought, but I guess you thought wrong. You judge, you misjudge, you ruined well-working relationships. You dream, you yearn, you struggle to survive. You keep dreaming, but dreams they will always be. You live, you fuck, you get fucked and no one helps you back up.

This is just how cruel life is, from my perspective that is.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

RENvironment Photography: Genitalia

'Coz every petals of that white flower may signify different events, choices or even decisions flowing along the wide timeline of our lives. Let's appreciate every single part of this life we're living.

I'm not as optimistic like the one written above. I just like nature photography, though I don't like flowers that much, as a friend once said, "It's another species' genitalia," meaning it's another living thing's sex organ, but this one's a personal favorite.

DHL Express

People ought to know that expression of one's self can be in different forms,
it's the thought of freeing the self from the bars that counts anyway.

So, I miss this... dancing. I know I am not as good as those well-known dancers, hence, I only dance to express. Expressing one's self, may it be in whatever form we prefer, is a great stress-reliever. We do not express just to get ourselves noticed and have our narcissist side satisfied, hence we do it to free ourselves from whatever hindrance there is in our way. Healthy it is to express, though may also get us depressed. Just take life as it is, and be not afraid to take a step. Live, love, laugh.

World Domination

What could be more pain in the ass about studying Arthropods in Comparative Invertebrate Anatomy is having to think of a crab dominating the world.

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Arthropoda
Subphylum Mandibulata
Class Crustacea
Subclass Malacostraca
Order Decapoda
Ocypode quadrata???

Imagine this fierce-looking, alien-like, Pokemon-like creature dominating the world with it's ultra mega super hyper crab power! This is the only reason I have for still holding on to finishing that mind-tormenting taxonomy of Arthropoda.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mission Failed

Just when I thought of forgetting about you (at least this whole day, by not viewing your profile tonight), I saw your name appear at the right-hand section of you-know-what social networking site. Talk about perfect timing of ruining self-"promises" from online temptations I do whenever I am online. Couldn't stop myself though. There goes byebye forgetting, still viewed it. Dang! Mission failed.

P.S. This is not some sort of romantically-inclined agenda.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Comparisons and Perfection

'Coz when I'm him
I am thinking of you
Thinking of you,
What would you do
If you were the one
Who was spending the night
Oh, I wish that I
Was looking into your eyes.

-Katy Perry

Isn't the picture above adorable? Anyway, last night, I got an LSS with this song for an unknown reason. I checked YouTube and read user comments, and all in there was heartbroken-ness. I felt them, having to like another while you're with someone else, having to have settled with someone you only see as second best because the best told you he/she doesn't like you and told you to move on. I felt the cheating part, as if I'm cheating, I was cheated on, etc etc. I felt them not because I've experienced the same things, but there's just this heartbreaking feeling while listening to the song, and I keep torturing myself with that achy feeling. Though settling for "second best" is probably not a sensitive way to label people, comparisons due to perfections ain't right, 'coz we're all unique in our own different and special ways. Shouldn't have settled for "second best" if you're going to blab and complain about it too much. Way to go from being distracted from my Chemistry paper due later.

Wala Kang Childhood

I spent my break and uwian talking about childhood with my blockmates.

Nickelodeon (Side comment: Pangit ng drawing ng characters.)
Disney Channel
Cartoon Network (Side comment: Ah. Cartoon Network siguro 'yan, pangit.)
PowerPuff Girls (Sugar, spice and everything nice) - Who recited the monologue again? Ha ha.
Dexter's Laboratory
Taguro (Isang daang porsyentong lakas!)
Detective Conan
Totally Spies
Kim Possible (Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me.) - Epic singing geiz.
Power Rangers
Blue's Clues
Pooh and Friends
I am Weasel (I Are Baboon)
Courage, the Cowardly Dog
Cow and Chicken
Booboo ChaCha (Di ko alam spelling)
All that!
Lizzie McGuire
Legends of the ______ Temple
etc. etc.

What else? Happy Tree Friends? Child-friendly? Uhh.. I don't think so.

Don't you just miss childhood, being a young child, so carefree and stress-free in life? Well, I do.

V-day Drama

I will never leave you... Having heard it from you, whether it's a joke or not, I felt it, I really did. It's actually one of the sweetest things I ever heard from you, if I'm not mistaken (and don't take this the wrong way) that was probably the first time I ever heard something sweet from you. You may have not remember it clearly, but still, I believe it was heart-felt, especially the fact that it was said on heart's day.

Actually, you being is mature is what I like best about you, but still, our laughters are epic, not everything though. Just want to let you know, I'm glad I have met you.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Past Life

Ever since the bombing of a bus along EDSA, blockbuster na ang MRT araw-araw. Yesterday, I rode the MRT to get to somewhere to meet a friend. As I waited for my turn sa pila ng ticket na ubod ng haba na mukhang mas okay pa yatang nilakad ko na lang ang pupuntahan ko, I saw someone who looks familiar. He was standing right below where I can view the station's clock, so every time I check the time, I glance at him trying to recall if I really know him. He was actually waiting for someone, a guy friend of his, but I knew he was glancing at me too, as he turned his head left and right.

After I got my ticket, I saw him gone from where he was standing, so I hurried to enter my card, then I saw him with his friend, but I just passed them by since I was too conscious that the train might leave me. Luckily, I got a seat at the train, then he and his friend entered, then as he walked in front of me, he was staring, so I just looked down. He stood somewhere near.

It really felt like we both know each other, only we can't remember. Then the thought of asking him his name crossed my mind, in fact, nagpapractice na nga ako ng lines ko eh. "Hey, do I know you? 'Coz you look familiar. May I know your name?" 'pag kilala ko pangalan niya, syempre magpapakaFC na meh, kung hindi naman, may line na rin ako. "Oh, sorry. I must have gotten the wrong person. Nice meeting you, anyway." Kaso syempre't nahihiya talaga ako dahil napakarandom ng gagawin ko at hindi ko ma-muster ang strength sa pagkakataon na 'yun.

Nang malapit na ako sa bababaan kong station, tumayo na ako. Laking gulat ko at sa parehas na station kami bumaba. Nauna silang bumaba kaysa sa akin, at napansin kong he was glancing a little, maybe to see where I was. Nag-CR sila ng friend niya, pumasok siya pero hanggang sa door lang, na tila'y medyo nakasilip ang ulo. Then I felt again na hinahanap niya ako. Then tumayo siya sa labas ng CR, as if he was looking for someone, while I was near the siomai house (ata) texting my friend kung nasaan na siya. Then he and his friend went to the siomai house behind me, ooohh.. he was so close, they were talking so narinig ko boses niya kahit mahina.

He's not tall, and lalo ko talagang naisip na kilala ko siya. Pero nanghihinayang talaga akong I didn't ask for his name, eh di sana hindi ako isip ng isip kung sino ba siya. :))

On my way home, I posted a status in facebook telling them I saw a guy sa MRT, then one replied, baka past life. Then the thought just came to me, it would be cool if that's real, then you'll get to meet the person in your present life. Feeling ko tuloy soulmate ko siya. lol joke lang po.


Emotional stability, n the quality of being physically or emotionally predictable, orderly, not readily moved.

Ever felt of emo-ing for no reason? Well, I do, a lot of times. The happy-go-lucky me may not show it, 'coz I mask my emotions well. I know that I am not emotionally stable, in fact, there are times that I just want to cry until I satisfy myself. Since I got my "mood swings" again last night, and still bothered 'till today, I took a personality test to know how emotionally unstable I am.

Your total score is 9 and the average score is 14.70

Your Grade ** Sensitive **

Your answers you gave indicate how emotionally stable you are. A score of 20 and above indicates that you are stable, balanced and free from emotional shifts. A score of less than 10 is characteristic of someone who is more likely to feel stress in life and seeks greater relaxation.

Emotional reaction: Emotionally reactive individuals admit to a variety of problems in coping with day-to-day situations and are often tense and anxious. They are worried about what others think and are deeply affected by circumstances. They are concerned about the future and are often dissatisfied with their past achievements. Having been let down by others in the past may have taught them to be suspicious of the motives and abilities of other people.

Still, my score is below average, a proof that I'm unstable, but at least I'm not neurotic. It's true that I easily get paranoid and bothered when people don't talk to me, and all the other questions in the test, but I don't think sensitive is the right word to describe me. I think I'll probably just cry out this heavy feeling, but I don't feel like crying right now.

Friendship the rainbow between two hearts sharing seven colors: feelings, love, sadness, happiness, truth, faith, secret and respect.

Dead Neighbor

Tanya Markova, a cross-dressing, make-up wearing, all-male Filipino band whose name is an anagram of the Ilocano words “natay” meaning dead and “karovam” or “karubam” meaning neighbor. Combined, Tanya Markova stands for dead neighbor (Marasigan J., 2010). This is their first album cover, with 20 tracks in it. You'll probably find a lot of filler tracks here, the best one so far is the one titled Psst where you'll only hear "psst". Their songs are not really of lyric-value and everything they sing is just so random. A lot of people does not like their music 'coz it's random and, uh yuh, no sentimental meaning. Well, that's what I think I like about them, pure randomness. Their first single's Picture Picture, followed by Disney, and Disney's my all-time favorite, not to mention it's creative music video.

Ang pangarap ko nung bata
Sana'y matupad.
Sa lugar na mahiwaga
'Dun ay mapadpad.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Recently, I offered help to some friends answering an online exam. Yeah, I know it's not legal to do so, it's a case of cheating. But cheating's a part of our lives one way or another, so I didn't over-think about doing it.

I felt guilty that I was wrong in some parts. But what's worse is the feeling of being doubted even though they knew you already took the same exam. Yeah, I know I can't be a hundred percent sure of the answers I'm telling them that time, but at least I gave them an idea about how it works. Let's just say that they won't accept my idea and they even argued that it's wrong, but during the last minute, when they saw another friend's answers, they told each other that our other friend's "formula" is the same as mine, so they just copied it (fyi, they copied our friend's answers, not mine).

I know this ain't a big deal, I should not care whether they copy my answers or not, but this is just so heartbreaking.
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