Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hot Pink In the Summer Sun

Wondering what could be hotter than the summer sun? The answer is you! And when I say you, your nails are included.

Sorry for my ugly nails and fingers in the photo above, but I just wanted to show you my Hot Pink coated nails. Hot pink or neon colored nails are great eye catchers that will go pretty well with dark colored swim suits while bathing in the beach under the hot summer sun. With those two combined, you'll be one hot ass of a sexy bitch in the beach. Sexier than Popeye's Olive in bikini. Kidding about Olive. Ha ha ha. Now, don't forget the colorless nail polish as the top coat! As this will give that extra glossy effect to those hot and sexy nails. May or may not be with the sparkling effect, the gloss alone gives your hands the fuller sexy look.


  1. since when did you start having interests in blogging? and navel piercing? XD interesting, though. Go get one, ren! O.o

  2. I know who you are! :)) Anyway, I started this since November or December. I'm not sure, though. I still can't get a navel piercing. Mum doesn't like the idea. But I'm still considering it. :>


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