Thursday, April 14, 2011

Opinions and Complexity

Hey! What do you think you're doing right now? Reading this piece of shit, eh? Well, this whole thing I own is really just some shit, plain and ordinary shit. Wanna know why? It's based on what a friend use to tell me.

A friend once told me, "Opinions don't matter," but why do you we take interest in reading blogs, even the status updates? Because I believe that opinions may be good references of facts. However, according to my Comm I professor, facts can either be true or false. Moreover, one needs great resources and references to come up with a good paper. Hence, I view opinions as somewhat words of importance, too, but not literally of influence. Rather, opinions are better to be heard but not to be totally affected of.

It is true that what people think and say about you do not matter, rather, it's a matter of self-reliability and self-reflection. You just got to know and discover things for yourself and for your own good as well. But then, opinions will always follow you, so be careful and mindful enough 'coz wrong facts may always be present to deceive you.

Just so you know, everything I wrote down here is only based on my opinion. Probably not worth reading, but still, hope you learned something from my blabbering.


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