Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One Step Closer...

It actually even came to this moment that I have to visit this online journal again and write my thoughts down. For the record, I think I only do this when I am so bothered with something that I wouldn't be able to let a day pass without transforming these oh-so-random emotions into words. It has already been quite long enough since I felt writing something down, and actually did write it down. So here it goes...

I just realized, I actually have been eyeing on you for quite some time already. I never thought that you'd be interested, too, in a kind of serious way as I may assume. It also didn't cross my mind that it'll deepen into a connection such as this. And now, it has finally come to this point. With this situation in my hands, I always ask myself, "Is this right? Is it right to let this go on?" With differences that may set boundaries between us, it is a bit hard to think it over repeatedly. Especially with the fact that I may be a pretentious bitch sometimes.

You see, it somehow bothers me how your absence annoys me in an indescribable way. And the thought of me being annoyed with it makes me even more annoyed. Could this be a sign that I long for your everlasting company? Well, so much for everlasting. I wonder if this'll be a happy ending.

I have always been afraid to let my real emotions, in relation to this certain matter, be seen by anyone else but myself. I can't really say that you're making me vulnerable to things like these, rather you make me softer than my usual self. Okay... this doesn't mean that you make me feel special nor do I feel that you're special. It's just that as long as I am having fun, I'll think of it as something worth trying. As I do not want to put labels into things, and I hope you'll understand, I guess I'll enjoy whatever we have now. And maybe we'll take things slowly to see what its real worth is. For now, I dedicate this song to you.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

A very disappointing secret

No offense, but I think this should be titled, "A very disappointing secret affair" instead.

I know it's already a bit late to blog about this, but just this Saturday last week, it was very unexpected that I joined my friend and his family watch a movie in Resort's World. The bonding might have been unexpected, but it was so expected that we'd watch "A Secret Affair".

So, do Anne and Derek plan to make movies only according to this theme: Infidelity.

Without bias, the movie was so predictable. Yes, maybe Anne is a great actress with her bitchiness with a twist of some humor but the movie basically has a single point in its plot. It was as if a single point was stretched into an hour and a half movie. We understood from the very beginning that Sam, Andi Eigenmann's character, lost her virginity to her friend's boyfriend. And their relationship deepened, as to Sam's point of view, because of their frequently-not-so-casual sex. But c'mon, guys will always be guys. When they become discontented with their sex life partners, they'd go banging around some other girls. I don't intend to generalize all men, though. But Sam is just too dumb blinded by love to see that the guy only wanted her for sex, and only sex.

The lines during the cat fights were nice, though. Very bitchy and funny at the same time. But one more thing I hate, aside from the plot, is Andi Eigenmann's voice. No offense to her, but she has this cracked up voice, which is not sexy at all for someone playing a role of a mistress.

Having basically the same plot, this just shows us the creativity level of the people in the movie industry. Though I'm not saying that "A Secret Affair" is like a "No Other Woman" Part II since this time Anne Curtis is the legal life partner unlike in the latter where she was the mistress. Quite a big difference, eh?

On the positive note, this movie showed that even you love a person so much, but you know that the person is cheating behind your back, then you should go save yourself as early as you can in order to save yourself from hurting even more. And most importantly, save yourself from a lifetime commitment which you or your partner can't commit to. Wow! I didn't know I got a realization from that movie.

To wrap things up, I wasn't satisfied with the movie, rather watching it in the cinemas. I still think that watching horror films in cinemas is still a better way to spend one's money. But if you are having the Anne Curtis syndrome, then it wouldn't hurt if you watch this sequel-like film in the big screen!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Piso fare to all destinations!

Yes, you read that right. Piso fare to all Philippine and International destinations! Today is the last day of the seat sale promo, actually. But unfortunately, Cebu Pacific Air seemed to be fully booked already on the first day of the promo. I know that because I tried scheduling a local flight during the first day of the promo, since it'll only cost around 300-400 Php, but it was really hard to get through their site probably due to traffic overload. 

But even though it says Piso fare, there are a lot of additional costs or the flight, such as taxes. My friend booked a flight for Singapore. The ticket costs Php 17.00 but the taxes summed up to around Php 15,000. I know, it's not much of a treat afterall.

I know that this is really a heartbreaker. And I'm so sorry if I let you guys keep your hopes high. It's just really hard to purchase tickets during seat sale promos as big time as this. Anyway, to keep yourself updated with such promos, you can subscribe to Cebu Pacific. Just click HERE!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Will Be Back Soon

It has been months since I last wrote something here. Have I gone too busy or just simply uninspired? Or maybe I have just lost my muchness, like what the Mad Hatter always tells Alice Kingsley. Because even if there are things I find significant, which I want to be immortalized in this online journal, it feels like I am out of words to write down.

I would love to be able to write again, but this time I want to write things that I will not laugh at when I reread them in the future. Though it'll be nice to keep something that would make me happy whenever I'll be my emo self again. And besides, writing is one of the most effective ways of relieving one's stresses in life, well at least for my case.

Anyway, I was supposed to write some things about something, rather someone, but it seems like I can't find the right set of words to put in this write-up. Well, it doesn't have to be necessarily right, as long as I feel my freedom to express whatever I want, then that'll be a huge relief.

I would like to continue this blog and be able to vent out my feelings again, however I want it to be in a different approach this time. Well, I just hope that I can improve my way of writing. In a way that people, including myself, will find this journal entertaining; that is if people care. I am being really senseless right now, even more senseless than my usual senseless self so I might as well end this very random post.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Love need not to be reciprocated.

I don't know what is wrong with myself, but I am liking again the same person I used to like way back to a couple of years ago. But the feeling seems to be deepened and it may be because we've both grew more mature over the years. However, this bullshit feeling should not even materialize back since the reason I couldn't let the feeling persist back then is still the same reason why I am trying to dematerialize this feeling now. But, love need not be reciprocated, eh? But if I choose this path of unrequitted love, I am only hurting myself more, now that the distance between us is as little as it can be, or so I think it is.

So many ifs and buts in my head right now, but one thing is for sure, I enjoy whatever we are now and will try to make the best out of it. It's more fun to give, eh? But the glorious feeling when receiving it back will always be, of course, non-comparable.

Anywaaaay, to segue from this drama queen aura, I think I'm liking this new "close" friend I have. And it's a really good thing that we've gone closer and closer. Too bad he's a year younger and it's making me think that I am some kind of pedophile, or maybe not since he'll be 18 in no time. You think that you are this kiddo who I am talking about? Hmm.. maybe. :p Nonetheless, I will try my very best to be the nicest bitch to him, since I think that I am not very ate-like to him. Good thing that I'm not bro-zoned.

P.S. Whenever you call, baby, I roll up... I can be your best friend, and you be my homie.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Secret Confession: Ren Not Allowed

I'm really sorry to whoever you are, but I just can't stop myself from blogging this one. Don't worry, I'll try my best not to name anyone, nor give an idea on the sexes of the people involved here. I'm guessing that you won't probably be reading this shit anyway, since no one really cares on what I write.

I got a news just this morning that someone confessed to my really close friend, someone who I treat like as if he/she is my very own child. Just so you guys know, the confession was made in person. One message, great for you, kiddo! Honestly, the confession isn't really that of a big deal, obviously... since it's kind of normal to hear stories from my friend that some people go crushing on him/her - even when my friend just passes along a group of young people by the corridor. Talk about crush ng bayan, eh? Well, actually, the big deal here is that this person told my friend not to tell anyone about the confession, which is kind of normal, but the abnormal part was that the person told my friend to not tell who he/she is especially to Ren!

Did I just see my name up there? Okay, this made me think as if something is not right. Why would this person mention me in such kind of delicate topic? I know my friend and I are close and all that, but why was the secret thing especially a secret for me? Having heard that, some people crossed my mind, and I even thought that it must be someone close to me. Or maybe it's that person I've always teased with my friend lately. If it is not against ethics to name some people, I would, really. Too bad I still value ethics. And too bad my friend doesn't, 'coz if my friend did, I wouldn't probably be partly informed about this weird confession.

Having to know an information this half-cooked, I swear to everyone, including my dog, that I will find out who you are (by myself!!!) through the use of my special powers, behold... my super stalking ability! But don't worry, if your main reason for specifically keeping this secret from me is that you think I'm such a gossip-mouthed bitch, then I shall prove you wrong! With the help of Facebook and Chuwitter, I shall have your name spelled out without a single mistake. Mark my words, you!

P.S. If who I think you are is right, and I think that we are close and that there is a chance that you might be reading this right now, I really prefer if you send me a personal message right now in Facebook and spill the details. I promise not to tell. You know how great of a friend I am to you, and I wouldn't want such secrets between us.

And if we ain't close, just ignore the P.S. message above.

Dedicatedly and desperatedly yours,

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Iglesia Ni Cristo's event in Quirino Grandstand, not a political-inclined agenda

An aerial view of Iglesia ni Cristo's Grand Evangelical Mission in Quirino Grandstand
28th February 2012, MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) held its Grand Evangelical Mission (GEM) in accordance to the religion's theme for 2012, PUSPUSANG PAGPAPALAGANAP NG EBANGHELYO, meaning a thorough dissemination of the Gospel of the Lord. Reiterating, it is an EVANGELICAL MISSION and not some kind of "rally" or "prayer rally" as the media claimed in the news earlier this day. And besides, prayer rally is El Shaddai's (and other Protestant groups) thing, and most definitely not INC's.

I am fully disturbed by the insensitive public defamation the media have spread around in their headlines regarding this religious event held. They have ill-reported false facts to the public as they claimed the event as a political rally against the impeachment of Corona.

This article below is just a proof on how unreliable the media is, as they always eye on INC as an influential group, known for "block voting", for politics. Well, block voting may be true, but in fact, INC is not, in any way, politically inclined.

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