Saturday, November 3, 2012

A very disappointing secret

No offense, but I think this should be titled, "A very disappointing secret affair" instead.

I know it's already a bit late to blog about this, but just this Saturday last week, it was very unexpected that I joined my friend and his family watch a movie in Resort's World. The bonding might have been unexpected, but it was so expected that we'd watch "A Secret Affair".

So, do Anne and Derek plan to make movies only according to this theme: Infidelity.

Without bias, the movie was so predictable. Yes, maybe Anne is a great actress with her bitchiness with a twist of some humor but the movie basically has a single point in its plot. It was as if a single point was stretched into an hour and a half movie. We understood from the very beginning that Sam, Andi Eigenmann's character, lost her virginity to her friend's boyfriend. And their relationship deepened, as to Sam's point of view, because of their frequently-not-so-casual sex. But c'mon, guys will always be guys. When they become discontented with their sex life partners, they'd go banging around some other girls. I don't intend to generalize all men, though. But Sam is just too dumb blinded by love to see that the guy only wanted her for sex, and only sex.

The lines during the cat fights were nice, though. Very bitchy and funny at the same time. But one more thing I hate, aside from the plot, is Andi Eigenmann's voice. No offense to her, but she has this cracked up voice, which is not sexy at all for someone playing a role of a mistress.

Having basically the same plot, this just shows us the creativity level of the people in the movie industry. Though I'm not saying that "A Secret Affair" is like a "No Other Woman" Part II since this time Anne Curtis is the legal life partner unlike in the latter where she was the mistress. Quite a big difference, eh?

On the positive note, this movie showed that even you love a person so much, but you know that the person is cheating behind your back, then you should go save yourself as early as you can in order to save yourself from hurting even more. And most importantly, save yourself from a lifetime commitment which you or your partner can't commit to. Wow! I didn't know I got a realization from that movie.

To wrap things up, I wasn't satisfied with the movie, rather watching it in the cinemas. I still think that watching horror films in cinemas is still a better way to spend one's money. But if you are having the Anne Curtis syndrome, then it wouldn't hurt if you watch this sequel-like film in the big screen!
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