Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Get to Experience San Jose, Occidental Mindoro for only PhP88!

The title pretty much says it all. So let me just expound how to avail the super cheap price and what the place has to offer you.

Cebu Pacific, famous for having Piso Fares, offers low fares, again, to selected domestic and international flights. And one of their cheapest seat sale only costs 88 pesos! Imagine that not even half of your daily allowance can already bring you somewhere cool and ozzum!

So, to start with, San Jose is a small but first class municipality in Occidental Mindoro which is just an hour flight away from Manila. This municipality houses White Island and Ambulong Island, where you can find solace in the middle of your not-so-good-year.

Just a map to guide your lost soul to its path toward San Jose.

The travel period of the promo is on April 1 to April 15 of 2012, so this is a great chance to hit the beach at a very affordable price! Here are some photos to tease you on what the MindoreƱos pride, the loving town of San Jose, has to offer us on an early summer getaway!

Go San Jose postcards!

The biologist in me can't help but love those flowers bracts.

So this is where the good stuff comes in. Yey for Ambulong's white sand!

Just some cool resort you can stay in.

And be ready to experience romance in San Jose's sunset.

So there you have it. San Jose, Occidental Mindoro to fulfill all your fantasies at a very affordable rate!

For more information, bookings and more promos, check Cebu Pacific's official website. Just be sure to hurry, promo lasts up to February 2 or until seats last. Hope I can get a slot, too. Better yet, I hope someone will come with me. Forever alone mode again here. HAHAHAHA

Monday, January 30, 2012

Calancan Bay Seeks For Attention

Instead of finishing my first draft for my thesis proposal, which is due later, lemme just share a bit of something of what I'm working at.

Calancan Bay, Marinduque Island, Philippines

Marinduque Island, known to harbor the largest copper reserve in the Philippines, has started its mining copper operations since 1969. This mine reserve which has been operated by Marcopper Mine Corporation is known as the Mt. Tapian ore deposit whose mine tailings were discharged into Calancan Bay. For 16 years, Calancan Bay, being the dumpsite for an estimated total of no less than 200 million metric tons of toxic mine tailings, was contaminated, thus resulted to destruction of Marinduque’s river system as well as lead contamination of the populace. Metal contamination and chronic lead poisoning of victims remain untreated until today.

On 24 March 1996, the Marcopper Mine broke into global news due to a mining accident at their Marinduque mine. This has been regarded as one of the Philippines’ largest mining disasters to date. The toxic spills immediately caused flash floods affecting five villages with about 4,400 individuals with their sources of drinking water contaminated with chemical elements from the mine tailings and fishes killed (Esguerra, 2003).

Detection of Heavy Metals in Calancan Bay

Although mining operations in the said area have stopped at the beginning of the 21st century, mining pollution history still results to the presence of heavy metals in the vicinity. High heavy metal, such as total copper, total lead and total zinc, concentrations were detected in the water and soil samples obtained from the waterways of Marinduque, particularly around Calancan Bay. The heavy metals concentration detected were higher than the standards prescribed by the government, the DENR, for Class SB waters – this is the classification where bodies of water which are suitable for commercial and industrial use, including ecotourism and recreational activities, are under. The occurrence of the high concentrations in the area may be due to the strong water currents which may possibly be held responsible for the enhancement of distribution of the pollutants or the heavy metals. However, levels of heavy metal concentrations vary in the soil and water samples collected, these differences observed may have also been associated with the presence of organic matter in the samples (Marges, 2011).

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Study Hard, Party Harder, Pray Hardest

So, a new motto's up and I know almost everyone can relate to it HEHEHEHE. Anyway, this title is just a repost from a friend's status update in Facebook. The semester is coming to its worse, talk about the start of having Animal Developmental Biology Lecture under a prof-who-must-not-be-named,two unappreciated factors now joined as one.

I should not be blogging this randomly right now since I have an exam later from a professor, whose test exams I rarely pass. "It's not you, it's me." Oh... maybe it's her mind-torturing exam questions, too. But really, thanks to myself for cramming this all the way to failure. Well, plant studies may sound unexceptionally easier as compared to animal studies, but that just ain't the case. I know you, my fellow Bio people, can relate to this. Though I'm not saying that I'll choose Animal Physiology over Plant Physiology anytime of the day HEHEHEHE. Having to have finished reading one lecture done, yes, that's right, one powerpoint down! I know I gotta put all my nerves into concentration, my butt to working, no, not the kind of work you're thinking O.o and study hard in this last exam for my not-so-loved plant part of DevBio.

Anyway, I'll spend my afternoon with someone really close to me and my heart, and I just hope we spend it the most fruitful we can. But I'll still be happy loads just to see that person again. Yay, good vibrations January!

More of the GVs coming, vERdict 4 is tonight already. It's the biggest med/law party of the year DAW. Okay, feeling med already. But, but, but... it's a party where you can meet people who understands you the most... more GC people HEHEHEHE.

Does the program title mean like having a decision in the Emergency Room? Interesting...

Just got the invitation yesterday, and I hope we're going. Anyway, I still want to go party even if it's vERdict or not. Though, I'm thinking that parties get wilder when you know no one, except for a couple of friends you are with. Judging from experience that is HEHEHEHE. But 250php won't harm us trying this med/law party anyway. Someone I met told me that these people, med students, party the hardest. Well, I'm not sure if it's true but we still have a saying, "Study hard, Party harder."

However, let's make a little modification to that 'coz right now I'm trying to study hard so that I can guiltlessly party harder later and will pray the hardest so that I can finish everything I need to study and that I'll be forgiven for I will commit another sin. To live such short life, might as well make your parents proud and study hard; might as well make yourself the happiest and party harder; and never forget to look up and pray the hardest.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Garlic-Powered Nails

Since I miss blogging already, especially blogging something related to fashion and vanity, I'll be sharing a newly-founded idea (well, it's new for me) I bumped into the worldwide net. This actually made me thought of having a Vegetable of the Month section in my blog, considering that I am a Biology major. Okay, that's like so Plant Taxonomy, so... no, thanks. :))

Kingdom Plantae
Order Asparagales
Family Amaryllidaceae
Subfamily Allioideae
Genus Allium
Species Allium sativum

Just to let you know what garlic looks like hehehe

Allium sativum or garlic, in layman's term, is an extremely versatile plant native to central Asia. From cooking recipes, to medicinal applications, to health-related properties, just name it and Captain Garlic will come to your rescue.

He may look like a pussy, nor is he Captain Garlic, but Boy Bawang has incredible garlic powers, too!

According to "The Herbal Home Remedy Book," garlic's antibiotic properties can help a wide spectrum of illnesses, including colds, sore throats, strained muscles and earaches. Garlic also has anti-oxidative, antiseptic, antibiotic, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and even anti-cancer properties. And it is also believed to reduce cholesterol. Okay, well, I'm not here to lecture about GC stuff like this.

Strong nails that do not break easily and grow fast is the dream of every woman who wants to have lovely hands, which is exactly not the case for me.

Yes, yes, I nail bite, and I wish I am that hot.

There are natural home remedies to keep the nails strong, and might as well help it grow longer. However, if we want to have beautiful nails it is necessary to devote a few minutes of our daily routine to them (or at least once a week). And yes, I'm not into devoting my time for my nails, either.

Now that we have gotten to know most of garlic's benefits, aside from cooking with and eating garlic, the juice in fresh garlic will also strengthen and harden weak, brittle fingernails. All we need is a clove or two of crushed garlic and a nail polish of your choice.

To harden our nails with the help of garlic powers, all we have to do is:

1. Chop and crush a clove, or two, of garlic and add this to your nail polish.

2. Let this sit for several days, allowing the garlic paste to settle in your nail polish. This lets your old regular nail polish becomes a strengthening solution! (Some store-bought nail hardeners list garlic extract as an ingredient. e.g. Mavala Scientifique Nail Hardener and Oleda Hard Hard Nails.)

But if you're doubting about this technique, or if you don't use nail polish but still want to strengthen your nails, you can just try to dab the garlic paste on your nails and let it stand for a few minutes until it dries. Doing this for a couple of days will yield the same benefits. Just don't forget to wash it after, or you'll be making Edward Cullen run away from you all the time.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On Ubiquity and Homosexuality

Note: This is a vague poem I made for our Hum integration paper on the theater film Care Divas and the documentary Paper Dolls, both regarding Filipino homosexual caregivers in foreign countries.

Bitch, please. She is one truly proud drag queen.

As I walk across a four-cornered room,
Where everything feels like at its doom;
All I see is an empty space,
Not until I saw a familiar face.

A murky image of you I see,
Whose figure I thought serves as the key;
Pushed me recklessly away from home,
Said you don’t care even if I die alone.

To muster such strength with no ease,
I beseechingly bent down on my knees;
You know that freedom is what I plead,
And acceptance is all that is I need.

Of all the people, why must it be you?
Not everyone treats me wrong like you do.
Of all the love I wish to have,
Time won’t mend this scar I love.

Now, the time has come,
Permanently away from you and home;
I heard no goodbyes for you and I,
Oh, Daddy, why is it that now you cry?

Yey for my first post for this year! :D :D :D
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