Monday, April 4, 2011


Since I was awake 'till 5am last night and I wouldn't want to waste the fulfillment of what I did, I'll share what I did. No, it's not about my self-centered side nor is it my vanity. I just updated my Official BlogSite and Twitter. And I'm blogging right now since I want you to be updated too! Even though I know that you wouldn't really care about whatever I do with my life.

For my Blog, new title, new description, new background, updated Home page and updated Visit Me page. You guys just wait for more 'till I give in all my effort for this site, as long as my bones don't get lazy. As for my Twitter, new background image. Now, I just noticed that I'm turning so gay lately that almost all of my web accounts have touches of pink. Even my nails are neon pink. How gay is that? Now, please don't hate me for being gay, as gay is only equal to happy.

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