Friday, February 17, 2012

FREE Apps and Games for your Phone

I know most of us are envious of those number of apps and games for iPhone and the likes. But we've got nothing to be envious about for I have a good news that will probably make you and your phone happy.

The country's leading telecommunication company, Globe Telecom, has recently launched a new mobile portal called  MyAppsMall where thousands of apps and games can be downloaded for FREE! Yes, you've read that right, FREE APPS AND GAMES FOR YOUR PHONES. Globe's MyAppsMall has thousands of free applications for featured phones (from Nokia to Samsung to LG or even Blackberry) to choose from.

Downloading is simple, and I'll help make it simpler for you. To download:

1. Select the brand and model of your phone. The site will automatically redirect you and provide a list of available apps and games for the specified phone unit.

2. Just click and satisfy your techy needs will all those overflowing FREE apps just for you!

3. You can also browse for various wallpapers for your phone.

I thought of mix-and-matching apps and games, so this is what I came up with... These are just some apps that I find interesting, probably a list of my top favorites from MyAppsMall

1. Opera Mobile Web Browser
This is on top of my list for any application for any phone. An absolutely free-of-charge mobile web browser that allows convenience while enjoying the web!

2. Google Maps
Got a meeting or a party to attend to but you don't know how to get there? Then this one is definitely for you. If you are someone who is always on the go, then this is what you need. More like a must have! This showcases free maps, driving directions, business listings, and much more in your phone. With the brand new Google Latitude feature, see your friends' locations and status messages, and share yours with them.

3. Photopia
Who said only iPhone has Instagram? TADAA! Photopia, your phone's very own Instagram. This allows you to add effects on your photos and share them worldwide. You can also see, comment and rate photos of other Photopia users, serving you with the most popular and newest shots uploaded by different people worldwide. Talk about a quick share of your outifit post and be ready for stardom. ;)

4. Super Tetris Tristit
If you are addicted to Facebook's Tetris game, then why should being offline stop you from playing it? Now, continue your addiction anywhere you go, with this handy-dandy tetris straight from your phone. Just one epic good-old arcade game we all once loved.

5. Fruit Ninja
THIS! Bias, yes, but this is my favorite. No offense intended, but this game is the new black. Who wouldn't love being a ninja even just for a moment and slice all those juicy fruits? Well, I wouldn't let an opportunity like that pass. So, get those sword-like fingers ready and let's do some slicing!

So, there you have it, my personal list of apps and games to love from MyAppsMall. I know you're eager to find your favorite apps and games, too. So why not visit MyAppsMall and find out what FREE stuff awaits you, they're all just a download away. Just click HERE or any of those colored MyAppsMall :)

This is my official entry to the Globe-Yugatech My Apps Mall Contest.

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