Sunday, April 10, 2011

Daylight-Outdoor Look

Choosing the right color of eyeshadow to use is very important, as a wrong color can make you look disastrous instead of beautiful. Eyeshadow color depends on the color of the eyes and the occasion when it is to be used, and sometimes the skin tone as well.

Shades of brown accentuate the eyes for a fresh daylight-outdoor-look. As for people with brown eyes, it may be one of the most common eye colors, but it is versatile when it comes to mix-and-matching with eyeshadow. For people with brown eyes, it is important to take notice of the hue of the eyeshadow to be used. Light brown, peach, tan and other related hues are great for the ordinary-day-outdoors look. If you want to use a darker shade of brown, be sure that it is darker than your eye color so that both your eyes and your eyeshadow can be accentuated by each other.

For morenas, like me, it is best to use a lighter or darker shade of brown than your skin tone. For my case, I use the lighter shade, the one pointed in the photo below. I like using brush better instead of an eyeshadow applicator since it can help you make the light and natural shade. As for the eyeshadow applicator, it is better to use for doing eyeshadow patterns.

Light-brown eyeshadow and brush I use

Use an eyeshadow brush to smudge the eyeshadow over your eyelids, following the shape of your eyes. Also, apply eyeshadow beneath the outermost corner of your eyes (This will have a better effect to those with depressed eye corners.)

Outcome of eyes with the eyeshadow applied

Lastly, to give the final touches, apply a thin layer of mascara, preferably black, to give the the natural look for the eyelashes. It can accentuate and give the eyes a fuller look. You can also apply black or brown eyeliner, I prefer the brown eyeliner though but I didn't have mine at home, but only to the edges of the eyes ('coz applying it to entirely will make your eyes look bigger) - which can also help in giving you that tiger-look eyes.

Final outcome with eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner


  1. sinket ka bebe hehe loooveeee ittt!!!!

  2. Hindi ako singkit hahahaha. Medyo lang yung bukas ko ng mata ko :P


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