Saturday, April 2, 2011

Better Think Of Your Future

I just wanna live
Don't really care about the things that they say
Don't really care about what happens to me
I just wanna live

Stop your messing around boy
Better think of your future
Better make some good plans boy
Said every one of my teachers
Look out better play it safe
You'll never know what hard times will come your way
We say where we're coming from
We've already seen the worst that life can bring

Now we get expect it everywhere that we go
All the things that they say
Yeah, we already know

-I Just Wanna Live, Good Charlotte

Just now, I love my life more than ever. Better think of my future? Now this is what's gonna change my not-so-exciting future. Hoorah! Thanks to Good Charlotte, I'll have something fun to do, aside from the nightlife, for my one week of summer vacation. I saw a poster of Good Charlotte's tour in the Ayala Malls from a billboard in EDSA. I wasn't able to read which Ayala Mall it is, so as I got home, I visited Good Charlotte's official website immediately. So, it's gonna be held at Glorietta Activity Center on April 6, around 6:30 to 7:00 pm. F**k, it's only for 30 minutes. So yeah, you know it already, of course I'm gonna watch them, and I'll die to see them. I know, I know, they're hard rock with a touch of metal, but I love them, their songs actually, even they kinda look like punk or goth, whatever, I don't really care how they look. Like It's Her Birthday and Hold On are personal favorites, just so you know. Now that I'm really decided to go, I just have to find someone who can rock that concert with me. Feels like I'm calling out for you? May be. Teehee. Lalalala~

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