Wednesday, December 7, 2011


And who would have thought that these people will be prettier and sexier than me? This fact I cannot take into account. Lels. Kidding aside, just look how awesome these contestants are.

She actually looks like a stressed version of Melissa Ricks.

I personally think that she is the cutest.

And yes, I find her pose extremely hawt.

Done drooling over them already? Or should I say paffing instead? Well, if I'd paf on someone among those three photos above, I'd say I'd pick the last one. Anyways... after me sharing a non-sense opinion on paffing, then you shall prepare yourself 'coz Imma tell you a dirty little secret. Believe it or not, they are contestants of a gay male beauty pageant of the College of Engineering in University of the Philippines Diliman. Honestly, after seeing their photos, I kind of doubted myself if I am a female at all. I mean, comparably, they are more female-ish than I am. Not to mention their nice boobsies and asses, both of which I lack. So, my message for them? Two words only. THEY ALREADY. #diesofenvy

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