Sunday, January 2, 2011


Sorry, but I'm not sure whether it's Jealous or Gelus.

"Are you familiar with Jealous' story? The love story of Jealous and Misa from Deathnote," a friend told me one night. He asked me to watch a video since I was not familiar with the story. Here's link to the short video.

It's a story of a Death God, Jealous, who fell in love with a human girl, Misa. He always quietly watched Misa from the Death God world. On the day that Misa was fated to die, he wrote on his death notebook the name of the guy who was about to kill Misa. Misa's fate was the changed, but Jealous died for doing something a Death God is not supposed to do.

That very dear friend greeted me with "Broken-hearted ako ngayon" on the 1st of January 2011. He told me that he liked this girl for 5 years, but everything was wasted. He felt like he's Jealous and that girl's Misa. I told him to make kwento but he said that he has no plans of telling it to anyone.

Relating himself to the story, I felt bad for him. Well, isn't it a common story? Doesn't anyone has an experience quite similar to Jealous' story? We've probably all, if not all then most, had heartbreaks especially with someone we've been longing for so long. We sacrifice a lot for the person, even without being noticed by the person. We don't really care if the person thanks us for all we've done, but it actually hurts, the fact that the person doesn't give a shit to it at all. I know 'cause I've felt that kind of pain, too. But if we put all the pieces of the story together there is no one to blame for this, ourselves sometimes, 'cause we are not the only one who solely suffer from the pain, maybe that person suffers too, secretly watching over the person he/she likes. I guess the best advice I could have given to my friend is "Don't be selfish, learn to wait, maybe your 5 years wasn't enough, besides maybe she was just waiting for you to make a move, but you didn't 'cause you were too afraid of rejection. Remember, rejection is better than regrets from never trying at all."

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