Monday, January 17, 2011

I Miss...

I reread comments on my profile pictures and my messages on Facebook. Then I saw your name a number of times, quite frequently I must say. Oh boy, I'm telling you, it really made me smile as if I'm seeing a very dear friend who's been brought back from the dead lol, but seriously, it left a big smile on my face.

As I reread all of your comments and our messages, I suddenly miss the way how we chatted before, very lively, full of non-sense blahs but I find them very worthwhile. I sent you another message and I hope that will not ruin the friendship we had for almost 2 years.

My guts for your glory. Just kidding, well, it really is my guts in exchange of your like-I-already-know-what-to-expect-from-you answer. Though I'm proud I managed to muster the strength to tell you whatever is necessary to be told. Like what I told you, I hate rejections but it's better to at least try than to live with another regret. This is all because you told me I'm being paranoid. Shit you. :))

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