Monday, January 10, 2011

Random Blah


Before lunch, I saw a guy at school, kinilig naman ako. I saw him talking to guy and a girl beside him. The girl moved a little, then... Ay! Magkaholding hands. Sayang, akala ko pa naman may bago na akong crush.

After lunch, I saw someone I shouldn't see. Like I always do, I tried to hide from that someone.

On my way back home, I saw someone walking along the Nakpil street. Someone I hated never liked during my 4th year high school days.

Just now, I saw someone's profile picture on facebook. Curious, I viewed that person's profile to have a better view of the person with him/her. Pissed, I viewed that person's other profile pictures. Now, seeing that person's face (also the series of comments on one of his/her photos) only ruined my okay day.

I just knew the perfect way how to ruin my day. Boo.

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