Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Great Start

Last night was special, night of January 1st. I sent messages to some special people to thank them for making my previous year a really really great one. Now this particular person always replies with much much better special messages. Kung ma-drama na ako sa mga mensahe ko sa text, well, di hamak na mas ma-drama ang dating niya. Can't blame him though, he's just probably too good with people (or maybe not).

This person and I had big time misunderstandings the previous year, we tried to fix it, but everything won't go back to normal. Yes, we're still friends, but not as close as before, and honestly, I miss those times when we were still close. I love the way we LOL at things, try to kill each other's boredom, etc etc. Those were what was in the message I sent him.

His reply last year brought smile to my face which makes me want to read it over and over, but this year, his reply was more than special. I'm not sure if it's really what his heart wanted to say, but it really brought a big big smile to my face, 'yung tipo bang lagpasan pa sa abot tainga. Just like his other replies, I want to read it over and over until I satisfy myself with such happiness, only it also has a different twist which burns inside. Words can't probably explain how I felt the first time I read it, or maybe I just find it hard to express such a blissful feeling. It feels good to feel warmth from that person again. Maybe text messages may not really be an elaborate way to show the real feelings, it may even mask true feelings of the sender, but the different joy it brings to the reader is priceless. Yes, "my heart is in the palm of your hand," 'cause you made it go like cre-e-ei-zy last night.

Sorry, but I just had to share this warm, happy feeling. :">

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