Friday, December 24, 2010

My Christmas

Yes, I’m a Christian, but I’m no Catholic. My religion doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but no, I’m not against celebrating it ‘coz I see it as a “partying holiday” for the believers. Seeing people excited about the upcoming holiday excites the bones in me, too. I admire beautifully Christmas theme-decorated houses. I’m not really into gift-giving, as I have this Ilocano trait, being kuripot, rushing in my blood. But I really love it when stores are in big SALE. Anyway, it was the first time I got really kilig about buying a gift for someone. No, I don’t like the person, probably because I was into Christmas that time. :))

Plus, one night, on my way to church, I adored the houses we passed by ‘coz they were beautifully decorated. Then, I also saw a pitbull with a Christmas lighted-collar. Too cute for a ferocious dog. :))

This is the first Christmas season that I’ve been this excited, though I wouldn’t really have this excitement in me for long. But now that it’s already Christmas break, I guess I’ll celebrate my cold Christmas with my laptop and computer games. I know, it’s too boring, but that’s what I do every year. :))

Anyway, advance merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the holidays (and the break from those shitty books)! xo

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