Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas "Shopping"

It's December, Christmas season and season for gift-giving, (and no, I did not intendedly shop for myself) so I am back to my old lifestyle, the kargadora lifestyle. Since it's one of the best seasons of the year, mum takes advantage of it and buys a lot of stuff for retail. As usual, I always accompany her as her kargador, buying stuff for kids (blouses, skirts, shoes, etc.). In fact, my arms are still aching because of all the stuff (they were heavy but I should not say so 'cause it'll be a bad luck for the business) I carried yesterday. Though it was fun shopping with mum, 'cause I was able to buy 4 new shoes and 2 dresses. One reason to be really really HAPPY. Good way to start my "pay" for all those load. :))

Maybe this is the reason and season behind my work outs and "body-building". Well, I'm quite sure that I am not working on my abdominal muscles, biceps and triceps just to be a "professional" kargadora of our shop.


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