Friday, December 24, 2010

10 things guys wish you knew

by Ian Somerhalder

  1. When a guy dates an intelligent woman, he thinks about all the things he has done wrong and whether or not he deserves her.
  2. Bad boys can be reformed. They act that way for a certain reason. If you get to the bottom of that, you can usually understand them.
  3. Lots of guys lack manners. Just know that those of us raised to open doors for women notice that they’re lacking and try to make up for it.
  4. Guys are attracted to a girl who looks comfortable. If she is wearing sweats and is comfortable, it’s sexy.
  5. A busy schedule isn’t an excuse to let a relationship fail. When a relationship is special, we find ways to be there.
  6. Men are intimidated by smart women. They make us want to kick up our game a little more.
  7. Don’t tell a guy you’re fine when you’re not. Just tell us what’s wrong. It’s easier that way.
  8. Texting shouldn’t be used as the primary way of communicating in a relationship.
  9. We understand the pressure that is put on women about how they look. We know it’s unfair.
  10. As men get older, we realise you can’t just live for yourself. It takes us a little longer to come to that point, but we do get there.

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