Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Productivity!

Sorry, but I'll be expressing my narcissist side. Yes yes, because I am very proud. :))

This yuletide season, I was productive, is productive and will continue to be productive. Instead of being the usual slacker during holidays, I am different this Christmas. Aside from being our RTW shop's kargadora, I am now officially a part of our meat shop. But no, I am no butcher, only a cashier and tagabalot. I tried so many times to be a small-time butcher, but no, my strength can't take the knives and the meat.

I'll wake up at 6am, bathe, head straight to Cellphone Repair Shop, switch to meat shop and stay there until our lunch is ready. I think it started on December 23, two days before Pasko, and that has been my daily routine up to this date and most likely until New Year comes. Yes, it is indeed tiring, imagine me standing from 7am to 2pm, especially on Christmas eve and it'll be more tiring on the 31st of the month. During those times, I'm like a Santa, granting the buyers' pamasko or tawad. Daily, as I arrive home, at around 10pm or 11pm, my legs feel numb and my body restless. The other day, I felt great pain in my left leg, the next day, my right leg. My left ankle is still swelling and I'm thinking of putting Salonpas on it. Oh well, I guess I just have to live with this lifestyle at least before classes resume. At least I'm not wasting much time, the best part is that I'm helping my parents with our businesses. :)

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