Saturday, December 18, 2010


What happened this week was the final chapter for that. My misery about this sad story finally ended. I guess if my friends weren't there to give me a push, then nothing like this would have happened, we'll probably just be collecting cobwebs in our heads and will be waiting until time heals whatever we left hanging. Both our prides got in the way, and that was probably the scariest part.

Just like my other friend, it took a long time for us to settle things, and again, I was the one who first approached and tried. (Do I look that intimidating?) But then again, it's probably the same story, only a different person involved this time. I dunno... but again, it ended as if it was really my fault. I made him feel worse, he said, but I was hurt, too. He needed ways to release whatever he was feeling, but I needed it, too, as much as he needed it. I needed a quick and expressive way to release it, and that's the easiest way I can think of. But I was really sorry for making you misunderstood what I was feeling, and I am really glad everything's back to normal (Or maybe it's more than normal). As of now, I dunno where this new story will go. I hope it doesn't get any more awkward than what we had before. I wish not to have any control of it, and only let time be our only guide. Let's just see how this will go. :)

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