Saturday, December 3, 2011

Not-So-Best Day of My Life

So... tomorrow's gonna be the not-so-best day of my life, so far. National Medical Admission Test, or NMAT for short, is tomorrow and I'm not even half-way prepared for it, I guess. Well, I'm taking it just to see how relatively knowledgeable I am compared to others just trusting on my so-called stock knowledge.

According to a friend, the test will be held from 7am to 7pm, and boy was I shocked. I thought it'll only be an eight-hour exam, but staying 12 hours in a foreign school sitting with a thick exam booklet staring you in the face must be dreadful experience. And yes, I and my not-so-trusted neurons shall be tortured tomorrow. I've still got nine hours left before the start of the torture, but this is like no ordinary exam, and I can't afford to have no sleep. And as I am typing this random shit down, I realize that I should be studying instead, or memorize the formulas in Physics and Chemistry, at least. Good thing Math and some parts of the IQ test is easy, should I not say it's a piece-of-cake since I will sound very "evilishly"-bossy. But fuck, I just hope Physics and Chem wouldn't fuck me up tomorrow. Been reading on those for a couple of days already and I still don't get a shit out of it. Anyway... I shall cram for those tonight. I've scheduled to allot one hour each of study or review time for Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

And there you have it, Le Ren ranting over her stupidity for cramming and not reviewing. Trolololol. Ciao~

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