Monday, December 12, 2011

Monsters and Us

Note: This is another journal write-up for my Humanities class. Just a short write-up on my view on monstrosity.

Monsters come in different shapes and sizes, rather different forms, depending on who sees it. For children, monsters are those with terrifying physical attributes, just like Pixar's Monsters Inc. Vampires and werewolves were also considered as monsters before, but not until Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series came into the scene and eventually became teenage girls' new fairytale.

Monster, as defined by the dictionary, is something of wickedness or cruelty, which may be in the form of a threatening force, such that it is believed to may have cause harm to someone. Monsters, as how we see them, are no longer of physical ugliness; hence, they are those who take ugliness deeper inside of them such as a corrupt politician, our terror school professor, our bully classmate, heartless criminals or even our parents - that is for scolding us whenever we least want it to. However, unbeknownst to ourselves, I believe that we all have monsters within ourselves, only we don't see it since we tend not to harm ourselves but only others.

Racism, sexism and discrimination, those are our ways of showing how cruel of a monster we are to the inferior, thus abusing one's power and knowledge, or superiority, itself, are simple forms of monstrosity which will be hard to perish within us. Where we will soon realize that one's happiness may be one's misery, a truly terrifying truth we must learn to accept.

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