Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Virgin Diaries

Do you still remember your first kiss? Or if you haven't had one, have you ever imagined how it will be like? Well, if you ask me, I'd rather not spill things since I am not some kiss-and-tell shit who would be floundering around and telling everything that happened that one night.

Enough about me. Hee hee. There's this new series titled "The Virgin Diaries," and well... it's a story inspired by those virgins who have not had their first kiss yet, and have been saving themselves and their first kiss for their marriage. However, there's a twist. It may sound boring to some of you, but this show's commercial is the best thing you've gotta see. And when I say you've gotta see it, you really need to see it. Watch and be amazed! And you decide whether you'll watch the series or just be addicted to it. And one tip for some people who have never been kissed, try not to do some chewing, or lessen it the least you can. Lalalala~

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