Monday, December 12, 2011


Note: This is a journal write-up for my Humanities class. I just wanted to share to my readers the thoughts I have on how important life is.

Dying, a single word, so powerful, it can end all of one's suffering. However, I think most of us will agree that it is indeed easier said than done.

Life may give us all of the surprises, may it either be good or bad, when we least expect it. One moment we're crying, and next, we;'ll be laughing, without even noticing how it happened. Happiness, problems, all of those come and go. We sometimes feel like we're the happiest or maybe the most unfortunate person in the world; but no matter what it is that we are experiencing, let us not forget that we are not the only one suffering from difficulties in life, because somewhere in this planet, there is someone who suffers more than we do. This is actually what I told a good friend of mine when she broke up with her lover.

When life gets tough and we feel like hoping is no longer an option, we tend to get rough with our decisions; and such decisions include dying, rather ending our lives. But what we do not know, or maybe what we actually tend to forget, is that there will always be a rainbow after the rain - that no matter what comes in our way, there will be a moment for us to smile about, and that the other side of the field is greener than where we are standing now - that we tend to focus on the downside of life, thus not even seeing the brighter side of what we have. Let us not forget that surviving and living a dream into reality will give true happiness to ourselves, to our souls, because life is a gift, not just any ordinary gift, but it is the greatest gift ever given to those who deserve it and also for those who need to learn how to value it.

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