Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wala Kang Childhood

I spent my break and uwian talking about childhood with my blockmates.

Nickelodeon (Side comment: Pangit ng drawing ng characters.)
Disney Channel
Cartoon Network (Side comment: Ah. Cartoon Network siguro 'yan, pangit.)
PowerPuff Girls (Sugar, spice and everything nice) - Who recited the monologue again? Ha ha.
Dexter's Laboratory
Taguro (Isang daang porsyentong lakas!)
Detective Conan
Totally Spies
Kim Possible (Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me.) - Epic singing geiz.
Power Rangers
Blue's Clues
Pooh and Friends
I am Weasel (I Are Baboon)
Courage, the Cowardly Dog
Cow and Chicken
Booboo ChaCha (Di ko alam spelling)
All that!
Lizzie McGuire
Legends of the ______ Temple
etc. etc.

What else? Happy Tree Friends? Child-friendly? Uhh.. I don't think so.

Don't you just miss childhood, being a young child, so carefree and stress-free in life? Well, I do.

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