Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dead Neighbor

Tanya Markova, a cross-dressing, make-up wearing, all-male Filipino band whose name is an anagram of the Ilocano words “natay” meaning dead and “karovam” or “karubam” meaning neighbor. Combined, Tanya Markova stands for dead neighbor (Marasigan J., 2010). This is their first album cover, with 20 tracks in it. You'll probably find a lot of filler tracks here, the best one so far is the one titled Psst where you'll only hear "psst". Their songs are not really of lyric-value and everything they sing is just so random. A lot of people does not like their music 'coz it's random and, uh yuh, no sentimental meaning. Well, that's what I think I like about them, pure randomness. Their first single's Picture Picture, followed by Disney, and Disney's my all-time favorite, not to mention it's creative music video.

Ang pangarap ko nung bata
Sana'y matupad.
Sa lugar na mahiwaga
'Dun ay mapadpad.

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