Sunday, February 6, 2011


Emotional stability, n the quality of being physically or emotionally predictable, orderly, not readily moved.

Ever felt of emo-ing for no reason? Well, I do, a lot of times. The happy-go-lucky me may not show it, 'coz I mask my emotions well. I know that I am not emotionally stable, in fact, there are times that I just want to cry until I satisfy myself. Since I got my "mood swings" again last night, and still bothered 'till today, I took a personality test to know how emotionally unstable I am.

Your total score is 9 and the average score is 14.70

Your Grade ** Sensitive **

Your answers you gave indicate how emotionally stable you are. A score of 20 and above indicates that you are stable, balanced and free from emotional shifts. A score of less than 10 is characteristic of someone who is more likely to feel stress in life and seeks greater relaxation.

Emotional reaction: Emotionally reactive individuals admit to a variety of problems in coping with day-to-day situations and are often tense and anxious. They are worried about what others think and are deeply affected by circumstances. They are concerned about the future and are often dissatisfied with their past achievements. Having been let down by others in the past may have taught them to be suspicious of the motives and abilities of other people.

Still, my score is below average, a proof that I'm unstable, but at least I'm not neurotic. It's true that I easily get paranoid and bothered when people don't talk to me, and all the other questions in the test, but I don't think sensitive is the right word to describe me. I think I'll probably just cry out this heavy feeling, but I don't feel like crying right now.

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