Thursday, February 3, 2011


Recently, I offered help to some friends answering an online exam. Yeah, I know it's not legal to do so, it's a case of cheating. But cheating's a part of our lives one way or another, so I didn't over-think about doing it.

I felt guilty that I was wrong in some parts. But what's worse is the feeling of being doubted even though they knew you already took the same exam. Yeah, I know I can't be a hundred percent sure of the answers I'm telling them that time, but at least I gave them an idea about how it works. Let's just say that they won't accept my idea and they even argued that it's wrong, but during the last minute, when they saw another friend's answers, they told each other that our other friend's "formula" is the same as mine, so they just copied it (fyi, they copied our friend's answers, not mine).

I know this ain't a big deal, I should not care whether they copy my answers or not, but this is just so heartbreaking.

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