Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Study Hard, Party Harder

After a mind-blowing-catabolism-fuckeroo Chem-ish-tree exam, some friends and I attended a friend's debut which was held in Greenbelt. Now... that party rocked academics the hell out of us. It even rocked my pride and poise out me, when I embarrassingly tripped over in a boutique, not to mention the bruise on my right knee and pasa on my left foot, particularly my middle toe, I got from that traumatic experience. What's better is the after party where we ended up wandering in Makati Avenue. My friend wanted to try meeting guys and stuff like that, so I just played along. Then a group of Atenean high school boys approached us, then we had a little chit chat, knowing each new stranger. They were actually nice. What I remember from their stories is that it's an afterparty from their ball. Blah blah blah, so on and so forth...

We probably didn't know how to respond to what we got ourselves into, well that's for my case, so again, just go with the flow wherever the talk's going to. That morning ended up asking for contact numbers. With guilt bugging me, when my newly found acquaintance and I got the chance to chat once more, I told him I have someone else, so no tolerating of flirting for my case. Well actually, he was the one who said that 'coz I was hedging and, ugh, whatever, I don't know, I'm just stupid. Well, I have my special reasons for it. And I'll live with these reasons, probably even just with this one particular reason, wherever I go, which you may think I'll probably just flirt like yeah.

Well, that was one hell of a night, my worsen pasa is my proof that I rocked that party 'till 4:30 in the morning. Say, if you can't rock in that 'ol boring chem exam, just rock that party more than you should. If you can study hard, then you should party harder!

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