Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fried Egg on Fridays! But hey, it's Saturday!

Now, Fried Egg, I mean Friday, is the new Black, Rebecca Black. One hell of an awesome singer. She's a star when it comes to entertaining people, that is she and her songs will not fail to make you laugh, and laugh harder.

Friday is so yesterday, 'coz today's Saturday (with no exam! I missed this light-weekend feeling. Boo yeah!). But I can't go out with friends for a couple of reasons.

1. No money to waste.
How hard it is to be poor. I envy you people who can just waste so much money for luxury. I swear I'll be rich someday!

2. Biostat Lec and Lab exams.
How hard it is to be so bobo. Last exams for these two subjects and I didn't even listen to class discussions. Then I guess, I better spend my weekend rocking that Biostat review materials.

3. The weather's too hot.
How hard it is to be so vulnerable to heat. Ha ha ha. The heat's making me feel like slacking off in the house. I need to make this day productive!

4. I'll get fat if I eat too much.
How hard it is to be so fat with all these blabbers in my belly and arms, and if I go out malling, I'll just be food-tripping. I told myself I'll start my diet and work out yesterday, which I actually halfway did. I swear I'll be back to my old figure as soon as summer classes start.

Now that Rebecca Black and her popular song reached me, I'm inspired. I'll eat fried eggs on Fridays! Ha ha ha. Eggs are part of the Atkins diet, anyway.

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