Saturday, January 28, 2012

Study Hard, Party Harder, Pray Hardest

So, a new motto's up and I know almost everyone can relate to it HEHEHEHE. Anyway, this title is just a repost from a friend's status update in Facebook. The semester is coming to its worse, talk about the start of having Animal Developmental Biology Lecture under a prof-who-must-not-be-named,two unappreciated factors now joined as one.

I should not be blogging this randomly right now since I have an exam later from a professor, whose test exams I rarely pass. "It's not you, it's me." Oh... maybe it's her mind-torturing exam questions, too. But really, thanks to myself for cramming this all the way to failure. Well, plant studies may sound unexceptionally easier as compared to animal studies, but that just ain't the case. I know you, my fellow Bio people, can relate to this. Though I'm not saying that I'll choose Animal Physiology over Plant Physiology anytime of the day HEHEHEHE. Having to have finished reading one lecture done, yes, that's right, one powerpoint down! I know I gotta put all my nerves into concentration, my butt to working, no, not the kind of work you're thinking O.o and study hard in this last exam for my not-so-loved plant part of DevBio.

Anyway, I'll spend my afternoon with someone really close to me and my heart, and I just hope we spend it the most fruitful we can. But I'll still be happy loads just to see that person again. Yay, good vibrations January!

More of the GVs coming, vERdict 4 is tonight already. It's the biggest med/law party of the year DAW. Okay, feeling med already. But, but, but... it's a party where you can meet people who understands you the most... more GC people HEHEHEHE.

Does the program title mean like having a decision in the Emergency Room? Interesting...

Just got the invitation yesterday, and I hope we're going. Anyway, I still want to go party even if it's vERdict or not. Though, I'm thinking that parties get wilder when you know no one, except for a couple of friends you are with. Judging from experience that is HEHEHEHE. But 250php won't harm us trying this med/law party anyway. Someone I met told me that these people, med students, party the hardest. Well, I'm not sure if it's true but we still have a saying, "Study hard, Party harder."

However, let's make a little modification to that 'coz right now I'm trying to study hard so that I can guiltlessly party harder later and will pray the hardest so that I can finish everything I need to study and that I'll be forgiven for I will commit another sin. To live such short life, might as well make your parents proud and study hard; might as well make yourself the happiest and party harder; and never forget to look up and pray the hardest.

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