Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On Ubiquity and Homosexuality

Note: This is a vague poem I made for our Hum integration paper on the theater film Care Divas and the documentary Paper Dolls, both regarding Filipino homosexual caregivers in foreign countries.

Bitch, please. She is one truly proud drag queen.

As I walk across a four-cornered room,
Where everything feels like at its doom;
All I see is an empty space,
Not until I saw a familiar face.

A murky image of you I see,
Whose figure I thought serves as the key;
Pushed me recklessly away from home,
Said you don’t care even if I die alone.

To muster such strength with no ease,
I beseechingly bent down on my knees;
You know that freedom is what I plead,
And acceptance is all that is I need.

Of all the people, why must it be you?
Not everyone treats me wrong like you do.
Of all the love I wish to have,
Time won’t mend this scar I love.

Now, the time has come,
Permanently away from you and home;
I heard no goodbyes for you and I,
Oh, Daddy, why is it that now you cry?

Yey for my first post for this year! :D :D :D

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