Sunday, November 27, 2011

When Technology Meets Soliloquy

It has been almost a year since I started this blog site, Memories and Mysteries is its current blog title, and I realized that most of my blogs are about me ranting over my I-do-not-know-how-to-describe-it day or cheesy stuff (Damn! Hate to admit it but it's a true story, bro.). So, I'll be here as your Lola Techy, my other half, and post some helpful download links for your PC, and maybe post other not-so-much-about-me blogs, though I'll still keep the this blog site updated about my personal life (hopefully...). I'm kind of thinking about earning some bucks, so might as well be tuned for whatever I'll be posting here, that is only if you're interested at all. Well, I was actually thinking of creating a new blog just for the purpose of giving out free download links, but then I realized that it will cause me all the effort to update it, especially now that I'm not much into using the computer for non-academic and non-entertaining stuff. Heh heh. So, might as well just use this old one. Anyway, I'm just doing this for the sake that my blog would be of use, somehow.

So... as an introduction, why choose Lola Techy as my screen name? 'Coz at school (college that is), particularly in our block, I'm more known as Lola (which is the Filipino for grandmother); while techy since the blog entries should be about technology-related stuff, well... kinda, or maybe just about a lola who knows how to use the computer. Kidding aside. To make it more specific, just check the entry title, "When Technology Meets Soliloquy." Need I to say more?

Lovingly Yours,
Lola Techy

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