Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Born That Way

I'm born this way, a free bitch who ought to claim to know myself better, rather best, than anyone else. I maybe the source of "reliable information" in the area, but I like to keep secrets, my secrets, to myself. I may probably be your friend, even your best friend, but what you know about me is not even half-way of who I really am. Even my family doesn't know me well, 'coz only I can define my uniqueness, and I defy to delimit myself only to that.

So... knowing the superficial doesn't grant you any excuses to go flaunt around judging others, as they may seem like a badass bitch running around in town naked. Some people are probably born to be hypocrites, asking people for damn realizations without even realizing those stuff themselves. I don't wanna be like some for-no-good so-called friends who treat you like a clueless baby and strip you naked down to some false facts. I guess some people are born that way, the healthy way to ruin other people's lives since they hesitate to ruin theirs.

Sorry for this post, but I just typed out of random BV thoughts this early in the morning.

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