Monday, August 1, 2011


Cant say I dont love him
Still I cant pretend
That my heart is torn just knowing that Im losing my bestfriend
If its easier said and done
Then someone tell me why
Though I try,
I cant find the words to say goodbye

I could tell him that Im sorry
Hope he’ll understand
He will have to do with someone else
All that we have planned
Id rather him hear the truth
Than hurt him with a lie
So I tried,
But I cant find the words to say goodbye

Now I know
I have to go
Theres no other way
But goodbye is not what I can bring myself to say…

If I told him “see you later”
Then I might be wrong
cause this voice inside is driving me
To find where I belong
I know I must leave her now but everytime I try,
Dont know why,
Ibut I cant find the words to say goodbye…
Dont know why,
I cant find the words to say goodbye….

-Can't Find The Words To Say Goodbye, Nina

So if you think everything's over, think again, pal. I'd rather not consider anything as an ending, rather it's a new beginning; but probably of the same path we took from the very start, since in life, there is no turning back. Dramas of life is collectively a never-ending cycle of stories. Even if you grow tired of it, it'll happen and happen again only with a new twist. If you're reading this now, rather still visiting this site anymore, then this is for you. The song says it all, need I say more?


  1. Things dont end so easily..I m a living example of this..stuck at same point for 6 years..relationship of love and pain..break up is just not the word present in a practical dictionary when you care for the person ...doesnt matter how ugly the past has been.,love dsnt go newhere!

    1. Well, I think it's already a reality that love can't be called love if it's not coupled with pain. We just can't deny that the more you are hurt just means that more love was involved.


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