Saturday, June 11, 2011


I decided to check on this blog since I miss blogging about whatever stuff there is for me to think about. But lately, I've been too busy lazy to talk about what's happening to me, rather there is nothing exciting happening to me.

As of now, nothing's coming out of my erratic mind. There should be at least few things I can write about, like my summer classes, summer night outs, 18th birthday and the like, but everything seems to be empty lately.

If you're thinking that I am emo-ing right now, well, you are wrong. I am actually enjoying my life to the fullest as I can make it. Call me happy-go-lucky, but I love living my life today as today, yesterday as yesterday, and tomorrow as tomorrow. Well, you get my point there. Just for sharing, I actually envy one acquaintance who once told me that he never regretted anything he had done. May that be the case for me, too. In fact, some things are just not worth remembering, so why even have regrets. :) And yes, I know, I am an egoistic bitch, really.

Wow, there's actually something in my mind worth writing after all. And I've used the word actually numerous times for a short shit like this. Anyway, have a great night! Still busy doing important things. Toodles~

P.S. Was is the German for what. And it's the first word that popped out of my mind when I clicked "New Post". Just saying. :P

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